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Rob Hampson

Finding Our Way

Towards Inclusion


An Interview with

Rob Hampson

Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador

And A Disability Advocate 

Rob Hampson is a Rick Hansen Foundation Ambassador and a disability advocate who works at a day program at Variety Village, the most inclusive and family-friendly fitness, sports, and life skills facility in Toronto.

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In this episode, Rob shares with us his love of working with people and changing as many minds as he can about the possibilities of inclusivity. Learn where Rob thinks is the best place to start this process, why changing people’s attitudes is so important, and how critical it is to be willing to give someone with a disability a chance to showcase their skills. As Rob tells us, “even being employed is such an important opportunity".

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(3:00)    Why kids are great to talk to about accessibility
(5:53)    Overcoming barriers: people’s attitudes
(6:28)    Importance of content in accessible formats
(7:32)    Improvements with accessible technology
(8:58)    Biggest step forward with improving accessibility: perceptions and attitudes

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