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Matt Kelly

Putting the Pieces Together


An Interview with

Matt Kelly

Accessibility Analyst


Matt Kelly is an accessibility analyst for a digital accessibility company called Fable. Fable is a social enterprise that strives to have a massive impact on the workforce participation rates of people with disabilities, especially in the tech sector. Matt helps different companies develop their websites and ensure they are functional and up to code for accessibility standards.

Abstract Surface


In this episode, Matt talks to Paul about his determination to help employers learn more about what they can do to help employees that may need assistive tech. He recognizes that as a society we are heading upwards in terms of inclusivity in the workplace, but aims to continue education, not just businesses, but people with disabilities as well. As Matt says, “it’s going to take more effort than people might expect,” but by fully diversifying our places of work, everyone will benefit.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(2:25)    Accessible websites/content
(9:48)    The path to being an analyst
(14:23)  Continuing disability education

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