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Manmit Pandori

Reaching Your Full

Potential at Work


An Interview with

Manmit Pandori

Managing Director

BMO Capital Markets

Manmit Pandori is a Managing Director in Capital Markets at the Bank of Montreal (BMO). He is a part of the repo and asset management team within global markets and is a chartered financial accountant (CFA). His passion for keeping engaged with the news and markets helps him thrive.

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In this episode, Manmit talks to Paul about the trajectory of his career and what skills and insights, in addition to his education, were helpful to his advancing in the workplace. Looking for advice on how to stand out during the interview process? Want to know the right things to look for in a business or corporation before applying? Manmit shares his experience and in doing so communicates how to move forward on a path of representation.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(2:45)    Finding your career
(5:00)    Shifting around firms
(7:00)    Standing out in job searching
(8:10)    Accommodations
(13:45)  Seeing minorities thrive

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