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Julie Sawchuk

Moving Accessibility Forward


An Interview with

Julie Sawchuk

Accessibility Strategist

Sawchuk Accessible Solutions

Julie Sawchuk is the best-selling author of “Build YOUR Space,” and recently published her second book, “Building Better Bathrooms.” She is an accessibility strategist and educator at Sawchuk Accessibility Solutions, a professional speaker, and a designated Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Professional.

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In this episode of Job Talks Access, Paul and Julie discuss how to move accessibility forward. A former high school teacher, Julie continues to teach by helping people see accessibility challenges in a new light. She shares the story of her career trajectory with passion and honesty, hoping that all spaces will become as accessible as possible because everyone has the right to participate in all the activities life has to offer and it is the right thing to do.  As Julie says, “It doesn’t take a lot – it just takes knowing it needs to be done and deciding to do it right.”

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(1:54)    How do you feel about your job/ what is the best part?

(3:36)    From High School Teacher to Accessibility Consultant

(6:13)    How would you describe job satisfaction?

(8:10)    Barriers in the workforce

(9:50)    Improvements in accessibility

(11:00)  Self-employment vs Working for Organizations

(12:40)  Greatest change for accessibility in the workplace

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