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John Peco

Remove Barriers

and Change Attitudes


An Interview with

John Peco

Chair, School of Marketing 

George Brown College

John Peco is the Chair of the School of Marketing at George Brown College. He brings to this position a long history of experience in business, management, and in marketing major events across the country, such as the CNE (Canadian National Exhibit). In his role, John is interested in helping to create an environment that is open and inclusive across all perspectives that define who people are in respect to their abilities.

Abstract Surface


In this episode, Paul and John discuss the importance of utilizing a greater portion of the labor force, especially considering the increasingly tightening labour market. Workers with disabilities want to be relied upon as equals, but instead are finding themselves often underutilized and thus unable to fully thrive. John reminds us that when we hire based on quotas instead of individual talents, we miss out on the opportunity to achieve greater success. Businesses looking to address the challenges they face will inevitably find themselves facing more pathways to success when hiring workers with disabilities.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(1:06)    Inclusive environments: schools and workplaces
(2:52)    Inclusive policies for hiring
(4:27)    Closing the gaps between co-workers and organization support for disabled workers
(6:47)    Everyone benefits from accessibility
(9:30)    Changing Attitudes towards disabled people
(14:00)  Pool of talent in the labour market

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