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Joel Dembe

A Paralympian's Perspective on Career Success


An Interview with

Joel Dembe

Canadian Paralympian and

Corporate Communications Professional

Joel Dembe is an active public speaker, a corporate communications professional working in the financial industry and a bronze medal winning Canadian Paralympian.

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In this episode, Joel talks with Paul about career successes and some of the challenges he faced on a path of continued growth. Joel tells us that 40% of working age Canadians with disabilities are unemployed and educates listeners on the importance of employee experience outside and in the office. He leaves us with some great hiring advice for businesses wanting to know how to make our communities more accessible.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(0:42)    Health as a Win

(2:55)    What's the best part about the job?

(4:04)    Young Disabled Athlete vs The Corporate World

(5:47)    Professional disabled athlete

(7:26)    Your favourite / best Job

(9:05)    Experience with job hunting

(11:00)  Why disabled Canadians are unemployed

(11:25)  Barriers in the career path

(12:30)  Barriers that made you rethink your path

(13:42)  Improvements with accessibility in the workplace

(15:55)  The biggest positive change in accessibility: Hiring a CAO

(16:47)  Disability inclusion in organizations

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