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Jack McCormick

Turning Problems

into Positives


An Interview with

Jack McCormick

Human Resources Manager

Jack McCormick is an HR Consulting Human Resources Manager. Previously he was a Human Resources Manager at Halton Healthcare where he was responsible for a variety of duties. As a certified HR professional, he is passionate about employee experience and talent development.

Abstract Surface


In this episode, Jack speaks to Paul about the accessibility of job searching and the simple ways in which companies can make their processes more inclusive. Although the experience of finding a job that is right for you can be frustrating, especially when met with added technological barriers, Jack encourages seekers to stay positive, leverage your network, and do your research.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(2:00)    The career path to an HR manager
(6:25)    Barriers to accessibility: developing e-Learning for employees
(7:43)    Disclosing your disability from an HR perspective
(11:26)  More inclusive and accessible workplaces

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