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Chris Stigas

Entrepreneur and President at HandiHelp Innovations


An Interview with

Chris Stigas

Entrepreneur and President

HandiHelp Innovations

Chris Stigas is the President of HandiHelp Accessible Innovations Inc. and is a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification Professional. He is also a social advocate for persons with disabilities.

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In this episode, Chris shares the story of how his employment experience pre-accident helped make his entrepreneurial career post-injury a success. He gives Paul a brief overview of some of the intuitive products and innovations “for active people with accessibility needs” available because of a commitment to inclusivity. Chris’ positive disposition leaves listeners feeling like any obstacle can be approached and addressed with a little problem-solving.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(0:42)    About Handi Help
(3:05)    Accessibility consulting
(6:28)    Job searching post-accident
(8:10)    Self-employment due to less opportunities
(9:35)    Working from home disabled
(10:08)  Accountability as your own Boss
(10:38)  Barriers with opening a corporation
(12:25)  Redirection from in-person to online business
(13:50)  Improvements in technology for accessibility
(15:45)  Getting over fear to gain opportunities
(16:20)  Working from home as empowering to the disabled workforce

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