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Bean Gill

Everyone Deserves Dignity


An Interview with

Bean Gill


ReYu Paralysis Recovery Center

Bean Gill is the co-founder of ReYu Paralysis Recovery Center. ReYu is a non-profit wellness center that exists to inspire, motivate and promote recovery with increased function for individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated neurological disorders through a comprehensive activity based training program, education, and exercise knowledge.

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In this episode, Bean shares an enthusiastic vision that strives to allow people to achieve their physical and mental ambitions through innovation based upon science, collaboration amongst peers, and evidence-based methodologies. She challenges the medical system by creating opportunities for new insights to fuel better research about the damage done to the central nervous system. It all starts with the right mindset. As Bean tells us, “If you talk to most people with disabilities, they’ll say you either have hope or you don’t have hope, there is no such thing as false hope!”

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(3:05)    Benefits of the recovery center
(3:50)    Navigating career paths after the injury
(6:08)    Issues in the medical system
(8:10)    The medical system as a barrier
(12:45)  Working from home as an in-person facilitator
(16:00)  Accessibility in the workplace: mindset of the medical system

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