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Andie Hartshorne-Pople

Flexibility is key


An Interview with

Andie Hartshorne-Pople

Marketing and Copywriting Specialist

Andie Hartshorne-Pople is a Social Media Manager for a company that creates apps and services for Instagram and supplies support to clients by way of social marketing. Andie originally studied business and environmental studies in university, but after surviving Craniopharyngioma she pivoted in her career path and has been finding success in this new field.

Abstract Surface


In this episode, Andie shares her experience of adaptation and talks with Paul about what employers can do in terms of increasing accessibility. She notes that there is a stigma in many workplaces where employees not able to comply with pre-set schedules of days or hours may be seen as someone unable to meet expectations. Andie knows this to be untrue and hopes to see progress via more creative and flexible solutions to allow talent to thrive outside a typical 9-5 workday.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(2:22)    Finding a virtual job
(4:07)    Navigating focus and cognitive function
(6:00)    Coming to terms with redirecting your dream
(7:32)    Acknowledging non-visible disabilities
(9:35)    Flexibility in the workplace
(12:28)  Stigma around working with a disability

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