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Alex Chicoine

Accessibility is Better for Everyone


An Interview with

Alex Chicoine

Accessibility Workshop

Builder and Facilitator

Alex Chicoine is a disability diversity and inclusion consultant, motivational speaker, and writer who helps increase accessibility awareness. She has a Diploma in Rehabilitation and Disability Management, a B.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences and is an accomplished business analyst.

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In this episode, Paul and Alexis discuss the ways in which expanding accessibility in built environments is beneficial for all, able-bodied and disabled alike. Alexis speaks about some of the tools she uses to be successful at work, tells us why it is important to disclose required workplace accommodations during the hiring process and helps viewers understand what it takes to create the ideal accessible world.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(3:34)    Moving through uncomfortability with disabilities
(3:55)    Public speaking and IT work as a disabled person
(7:35)    Interviewing Able Bodied vs Disabled Bodied
(11:03)  The importance of disclosing your disability
(14:03)  Make people more comfortable at work

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