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Disabled black man on wheelchair working on his desk



We are building a community of inspirational accessibility champions who are accomplishing their professional and life goals. Their stories, opinions, and advice about today's workplaces aim to empower companies and decision-makers to make work more accessible for all of us.


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Job Talks Access Series

A new online series hosted by Paul VanderGriendt, a former pilot and flight instructor, who lost the use of his arms and legs in a devastating motor vehicle accident.


Needing to reset his lifestyle and goals, Paul is currently a research assistant and host for Job Talks Access, a student in Sport & Event Marketing at George Brown College, and a general problem-solver, innovator, and accessibility advocate.

Our Goals

A girl with a prosthetic arm

Inform Employers

Provide a clearer picture for employers of how persons with disabilities can fit well within their companies.

A girl in a wheelchair looking for a book in a library

Inspire Career Growth

Through our interview series, inspire persons with disabilities of all ages to aim high in their career goals.

Blind Man Walking On Sidewalk Holding Stick Wearing Armband

Develop Solutions

With our partners, develop data-driven programs and toolkits to help persons with disabilities move toward greater job satisfaction.

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