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Roslyn MacLean

Redefining Average


An Interview with

Roslyn MacLean

Senior Lead, Solutions & Change

BMO Capital Markets HR

Roslyn MacLean is a Project Management Professional (PMP®) with proven program and change management experience in capital markets driven by a deep understanding of how diversity of thought and inclusive principles fuel success. She has been employed by BMO (Bank of Montreal) for 20 years and currently functions as a director at BMO capital markets HR and is a senior lead for solutions and change.

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In this episode, Roslyn and Paul have a conversation about workplace deliverables and what it means to have a real sense of accomplishment. Roslyn explains the importance of knowing when to speak up in the workplace to be seen with a “fuller context.” She reminds all of us that “people with disabilities are bringing a broader perspective to the workforce, with different skills, different ways of doing things, more creativity because they’ve had to overcome challenges that other people haven’t".

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

(2:35)    From Trading Floor assistant to Senior Lead for BMO Capital Markets
(4:50)    Progression with a non-visible disability
(7:08)    Choosing to disclose or not disclose
(14:30)  Creating awareness around disabilities in the workplace

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